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Supporting Work Experience Opportunities


We believe it is important to run our work experience programmes for both girls and boys on an equal 50/50 basis, to build an early awareness and expectation of the inclusive workplace they will eventually enter, particularly if it is National Grid.

Tony Moloney, Head of Education and Skills, National Grid

About Us

The STEM Experience brings together STEM employers and young people interested in a STEM career.  Employers offer work experience opportunities via The STEM Experience website. Young people can search for relevant opportunities and express an interest in them.

This collaborative approach gives young people an invaluable insight into a variety of STEM careers and the world of work.  Employers benefit from a more enthused and engaged future STEM talent pool and can promote the exciting career opportunities their organisation offers.

Employers report an ever-widening STEM skills gap.  The Royal Academy of Engineering reports the need for 160,000 new engineers, scientists and technicians per annum until 2020.  This represents a significant opportunity for young people studying STEM subjects. 

The STEM Experience is the work experience hub of The STEM Exchange.  Both of these entities are part of the wider STEM Alliance project, established by Semta and commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation.


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